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Track your valuables via BlueTooth.

Tile is a small tile shaped bluetooth tracking device that you can place in your handbag, on your keys or in your wallet. It allows you to find lost items via your mobile phone, very handy if you are always misplacing your keys or your wallet. The Tile lets out a powerful 90 decibel alarm so its quite easy to hear, you can also reverse the tracking and use a Tile to track your phone as long as the phone has been paired with the Tile before. Due to the limited range BlueTooth has the Tile is most suited to use within the home. If you do loose something outside of the home, the Tile can latch on to any Tile users connections within range and update its location on the server. Given that the Tile has only just been released in the UK there won’t be many Tile users out and about for a while yet.

The Tile has been available in the US for a while, but has only just come to the UK. Its being sold by Amazon for £20 with a pack of 4 option for £50.