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Tesla’s Model 3 has 276,000 pre-orders

Last Thursday Tesla, the car company owned by entreprenuer Elon Musk, announced a new model. The Model 3 will be the cheapest and smallest of their range, sitting under the Model S and the Model X.

Tesla are well known for great performing electric vehicles which leading edge technology such as the autopilot driving program on the Model S. The Model 3 will be relatively cheap for such a premium car company starting at just $35,000 (£24,000). The Model 3 will do 215 miles on a single charge and comes with the autopilot feature. There will be a dual motor all wheel drive option available but otherwise it will be rear wheel drive as standard. It will feature the touchscreen that has become synonymous with Tesla models and will seat 5 adults.

First Model 3’s should be delivering in 2017, but some customers may have to wait longer. The priority is on a geographical basis rather than first come first served. Its unclear what the wait time for the UK is as the moment, Elon Musk has said that the company will need to build a factory in Europe “to serve long-term regional demand”. So those in Europe may have to wait a bit longer to get this car.

Total pre-orders could top 500,000 by the time Tesla have their second unveiling event (unknown date). To reserve yours it costs £1,000, visit the Tesla website for more info.


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