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Tesla Update the Model S

Tesla have updated their performance model, the Model S with a fresh new look and a few extra toys inside.

Externally the primary changes are the new LED headlights that look similar to the Model X. The front grill has now gone, which will probably help with aerodynamics and thus making the car more efficient.

Internally there is a new cabin filtration system than uses HEPA filters and promises to filter out “99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from cabin air.” It also includes a “Bioweapon Defence Mode” borrowed from the Model X that creates a positive pressure inside the cabin which means all air is pulled in via the HEPA filters to protect against “hazardous external conditions”. The dash has a slightly updated look and there a couple of new interior finish options.


The Model S also comes with a more power charger 48 amps compared to the previous 40 amps. This allows the car to charge faster when connect to electrical outlets capable of providing the required juice.

The updated Model S is available to order now, visit Tesla for more information.

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