Samsung’s new Fridge can help you catch the food thief. – TheTechZone

Samsung’s new Fridge can help you catch the food thief.

The Family Hub is Samsung’s new fridge freezer, leading edge smart home tech, this fridge has a camera inside so that you can keep an eye on your food from anywhere in the world. Great for those online shops from the office when you can’t remember how much cheese or milk you have left in the fridge. It’s also great on spying on other members of the family and working out who’s been stealing your beers. It can also keep an eye on food levels and warn you when items start running low. The fridge works nicely with Samsung’s SmartThings platform that integrates it with other SmartThings compatible devices around your home.

The Family Hub features a 21.5-inch 1080p display on the front that can show recipes, messages and even be used as a virtual fridge magnet buy being able to send pictures to the screen via your mobile phone. Impressive stuff indeed. The Screen is essentially a super sized Android tablet imbedded into the door.


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