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Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Print your snaps on the go just like the original Polaroid instant camera. The Snap Instant Digital is the latest iteration of this type of digital camera from Polaroid. It’s big brother is the Socialmatic, the Snap is a more pocket friendly, sleeker and better looking camera.

The Snap features Polaroids Zero Ink printing technology, this dispenses with the ribbons, ink and toner from the printing process, instead using special paper with layers of composite material that represent the core colours, cyan, yellow and magenta plus a polymer protective coat. The image is produced on the paper by activating the colour crystals by heating them. Print time is less than a minute and photo’s are dry to touch straight away. Photo size is 2×3 inch and the paper comes with a peel able sticky back so that your photo’s can be used as stickers.


The image sensor is a 10 megapixel system, which is more than enough for 2×3 instant prints. Bereft of any screens it give’s the Snap an almost retro look, there is a pop up viewfinder to help centre images. You don’t have to print all images, they can be saved on to a MicroSD card unto 32GB in size. Selfie lovers will be happy to hear there is a self timer.

The ZINK photo paper is available in packs of 20,30 and 50.

The Snap is available right now in various colours.


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