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Locking your iPhone or iPad to a single app.

I’m sure there is many a parent who wishes that they could lock their iPhone or iPad to a single app whilst their kids are playing with it. I’ve heard many stories of children sending accidental Facebook updates or silly random tweets from their parents phones. One parent I talked too had their phone settings changed but could not figure out how to undo their changes.

The answer is something called Guided Access. It is very simple to set up and it will disable the volume, sleep, silent and home buttons. The child is restricted to only using the app that was running at the time.

In order to set this up you need to perform the following steps.

Go to the settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

1.Go to the General settings.



2. Scroll down until you see Accessibility, its usually the 7th option down if you are running iOS 9.3.




3. On the next screen scroll right down to the bottom until you see Guided Access. Click on that option to bring up the settings for Guided Access.




4. On the Guided Access settings screen toggle Guided Access to On. Here you can also set a pin code. This will ask for a passcode when you exit Guided Access mode, you can also use TouchID and use your fingerprint to exit guided access mode.




5. All you need to do is open the app you want, and the click the home button three times. You can also customise area’s of the screen you want disabled and which buttons and function you want enabled/disabled by triple clicking the home button, entering your passcode and selecting “Options” on the bottom left of the screen when it asks you if you want to end Guided Access. If you select End it will exit from Guided Access. If you have enabled the TouchID then simple place your finger on the home button and click once, it should read your print and exit.