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Barclays finally supports Apple Pay.

Barclays customers can rejoice with the news that the bank will support Apple Pay from today. Many Barclays customers have been annoyed that the bank has dragged its feet to support Apple Pay. They are the last of the big four UK banks to support Apple’s payment service.

In a press statement issued earlier today Ashok Vaswani, CEO of Barclays UK, said:

“We are passionate about helping customers access services and carry out their day to day transactions in the way that suits them. As part of this, we have developed a range of digital innovations that allow people to choose how, when and where they bank and make payments. Adding to the existing choice, from today both Barclays debit and Barclaycard credit card customers can use Apple Pay to make payments with their Apple device across the UK.”

The statement trumpets how cutting edge Barclay’s payment systems are and their history in contactless payment systems. To be honest this time around they did drop the ball by being so late to the Apple Pay party.

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