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Asus ZenFone Zoom

Asus have announced a DSLR inspired mobile phone at CES 2016 this week. The ZenFone Zoom is clearly focussed towards its camera, with a 13MP camera with a Panasonic sensor and 3x Optical zoom at 28-48mm focal length. The enables you to focus on extremely close objects such as a few centimetres away, this is normally a weak point on most phones with camera’s. The phone looks quite premium, with a leather feel back and side trims in various colours.


The Technical bit

The ZenFone features a full 1080p HD display spanning 5.5-inches and made with ultra tough Gorilla Glass 4. Processing power is handled by a quad-core Intel processor with 4GB of RAM. The battery is a 3,000mAh battery.

The front facing camera is a 5MP affair, whilst the jewel in the crown is the 13MP rear camera that includes a 10-element lens created by Japanese company HOYA.

The ZenFone will be available with 64GB or 128GB of storage, and will be expandable via mircoSD cards up to an additional 128GB.


How Much?

No prices for UK but as a guide the it will be available in the US for US$399


Again no details on details on a UK release but a US release is expected in February 2016.

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