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Amazon release an all new Kindle.

As promised by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a tweet last week, Amazon have released an all new flagship Kindle called the Oasis.

The Oasis is 20% lighter and 30% thinner on average compared to other versions of the Kindle. A new feature is a handgrip that aims to make the Oasis more ergonomic thus user can read comfortably for longer. It does this in two ways, firstly providing better hand grip for one handed reading, and secondly it shifts the centre of gravity towards the palm of the hand thus providing better balance. The other side of the Oasis is only 3.4mm thick. The body is “a featherweight frame infused with metal using structural electroplating”.


There are also page turn buttons on the front of the handgrip, again making it easier to read one handed. A good example would be on the train whilst holding on to a hand rail. Page turns via the screen are still possible.

The orientation of the screen is adjusted depending on which hand you hold the handgrip in so left handers won’t be disadvantaged.

The screen is of higher resolution at 300 pixels per inch, this should provide sharp crystal clear text. There are also 60% more LED’s in the backlight, Amazon say this will improve the consistency of the light and also range of the screen brightness.


There is a new cover available that doubles as a portable charger to give the Oasis extended battery life. Its also possible to charge both the Oasis and the cover at the same time whilst the Oasis is still connected to the cover.

Available for Pre-Order today from £269.99, shipping from April 27th depending on your configuration.