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Amazon offer 20% Discounts on Computer Games.

Amazon are offering a discount of 20% for all computer games pre-ordered or ordered with 2 weeks of release to all Amazon Prime members. This is the latest perk added to Amazon Prime. If you haven’t heard of Prime before, this is a service Amazon offers for an annual fee of £79.99. For this you get free priority, next-day, same-day or next hour delivery, the delivery time depends on the product and not all options are available to every product. Not all products are Prime eligible, but most products that Amazon are selling directly are.

Amazon Instant Video is Amazon’s Netflix rival, and it gives you access to hundreds of Movies and TV programmes including Amazon created content. Amazon Prime Music is an all you can eat music streaming service that’s also included in the annual subscription, offering access to thousands of tracks. You have the Kindle Lenders library included too, this allows you to borrow kindle books from other members of the library. If you have a large photo collection and you want access from many locations or on the go, then Prime membership also gives you online photo storage, this is unlimited so you don’t ever have to worry about filling up your allocated storage.

If you want to try before you buy, Amazon are offering a free 30-day trial which includes all of the above.

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